Customer Complaint Form Template

Track and resolve complaints easily with this customizable online template.

Simplify your workflows

Letting your customers voice their grievances is a great way to identify areas of improvement for your business. Use this online customer complaint template to learn how customers feel about your products and services and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Collect issues easily

Formstack forms are available on mobile devices. Whether your customers fill out your form on a computer at home, on their phone, or with a tablet, you can collect actionable data anywhere at any time.

Resolve issues quickly

Use the Date field on this customer complaint form template to identify when business complaints were filed. Knowing when a complaint was submitted will help your team standardize your complaints procedure, shorten the time it takes to resolve issues, and prioritize which complaints are addressed first.

Monitor areas of concern

Use Long Answer fields to give customers the opportunity to thoroughly explain their concerns and share how they feel an issue can be resolved. You can also add a digital workflow to your complaints procedure to keep your team in the loop on new feedback and ensure the right people log and resolve problems.

Improve the customer experience

Collecting customer service complaints allows you to resolve recurring issues and avoid larger problems. Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to voice their concerns, and you’ll be able to prevent issues from happening again with this customer complaint form template.

Formstack saves us tons of time on data entry and analysis and makes it simple for us to see, use, and share data across departments.
Lindsay Anderson
Project Manager at National Geographic Society

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