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Simplify student health services

Create secure digital workflows for appointment scheduling, record authorizations, insurance, and more.

Meet student health needs

Limited resources make meeting the healthcare needs of today's students immensely challenging. With workflows powered by digital student health forms, documents, and signatures, you can optimize your student health center and provide better care.

Digitize health workflows

Manage appointments, complete record authorizations, collect proof of insurance, and more with student health intake automation.
Seamless workflows
Seamless workflows

Use secure forms, documents, and eSignatures to safely collect, share, and manage student health data.

Regulatory compliance
Regulatory compliance

Our forms, documents, and signatures are HIPAA compliant so you can safely collect and manage health data online.

Process automation
Process automation

Easily collaborate on submissions and approvals for assessments, visits, prescriptions, and student requests.

Seamless workflows
Easy data sharing

Control how information is shared across people and departments with intuitive logic and routing tools.

Smart data insights
Smart data insights

View and filter form submissions to unlock insights on students that can help you improve your services.

Easy accessibility
Easy accessibility

Ensure your online forms are accessible to all internet users, regardless of disability status, with WCAG and Section 508 compliance.

Create student health intake automation workflows in minutes

With Formstack, you can digitize student health processes without needing to loop in your IT team. Quickly create seamless workflows without code with student health forms.

Emily wants to schedule an appointment with a counselor at her school's student health center. She goes to the university website and fills out a workflow intake form that includes sections for a mental health assessment, counseling consent, medical history, and insurance. This data is automatically routed to the proper staff so they can prepare for Emily's visit.


Kathy is a mental health counselor at Emily's school. During the appointment, she uses the workflow form on her tablet to refer to Emily's mental health assessment and take session notes. She uses this information to quickly create a behavioral health treatment plan.


Bill is the senior mental health counselor at Emily's school. He reviews Kathy's assessment and proposed treatment plan, adds his own comments and suggestions, and approves Kathy's request to schedule additional counseling sessions with Emily.


Bill and Kathy’s notes are automatically populated into a document that can be sent to Emily so she can review their recommendations and provide her signature.


After signing, a copy of the document is sent to Emily, Kathy, and Bill for their records. A copy is also sent to the student health department’s database for storage and future reference.


A survey is sent to Emily so she can provide feedback on her experience. The staff uses this information to further improve their mental health services for the student community.

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