Document Generation
Letter Generation

Simplify workflows with automated letter generation

Put Formstack Documents to work for you as letter automation software so you can spend less time on document prep and more time supporting your customers.

Generate letters instantly

Tired of manually entering data into Microsoft Word when you need to generate letters? It's time for an upgrade. With Formstack Documents, you can create an automated letter generation process. Shave hours off your document prep time and meet customer needs faster.

Streamline your letter automation

Formstack’s letter generation software tool is packed with powerful features to help you cut manual work from your day and simplify the creation of custom letters.
Create standardized templates
Create standardized templates

Build a consistent look for your organization by adding a logo and other brand elements to your letters.

Speed up customer service
Speed up customer service

Add an information request form to your site to generate customer service letters with answers to frequently asked support questions.

Consistently engage with customers
Consistently engage with customers

Easily send letters based on triggers established in your CRM, accounting tool, or other integrated software.

Create standardized templates
Merge data instantly

Populate letters with information from Salesforce records, online forms, or other sources with the help of 150+ pre-built integrations.

Create automated workflows
Create automated workflows

Generate custom letters automatically through triggers such as changes in project status, the creation of new Salesforce records, and payment submission.

Protect your documents
Protect your documents

Add a layer of security to your letter generation with powerful security features, including encryption, password protection, and HIPAA compliance.

Create seamless workflows

Letter automation is easy with Formstack. Here’s an example of a workflow that can help you simplify your letter generation process.

Eric needs to generate personalized thank-you letters for his most recent event. To create an automated workflow for this process, he builds a document template in Formstack Documents and defines his merge fields with the help of a drag-and-drop interface.


He wants the letters to be generated with data submitted on the event registration form. Eric connects Formstack Documents with Formstack Forms so information from the registration form will be automatically populated into his document template’s merge fields.


To ensure that generated letters are sent to the right attendees, Eric uses email as the delivery method so letters are sent directly to each attendee’s inbox. And that concludes his workflow! Eric now has a seamless letter generation process that will automatically generate custom letters and simplify event management.


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